50 Miawpukek Drive, Conne River, NL A0H 1J0

Vehicle Delivery

Miawpukek First Nation Reserve offers access to the Miawpukek Reserve for vehicle and other product deliveries and a tax exemption service guided by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for members of the newly formed Qalipu First Nation Indian Band and other Status Indians.  The process through Miawpukek is entirely monitored by the CRA, and hard copies of each delivery made to Miawpukek are forwarded directly to the CRA. Miawpukek is also subjected to random audits by the CRA and files are to be made ready for inspection upon immediate request by the CRA as well.

There are several steps that need to be followed and completed in order to meet the guidelines set by the CRA;

  1. The individual purchasing must be a member the Qalipu Indian Band or other Federally recognized Indian Band and hold a valid Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) status card with a 10 digit identification number. The valid status card examples are viewable below and at AANDC’s website.
  2. When purchasing a vehicle or any large ticket item, the company from which the item is being purchased must forward a copy of the Bill of Sale and a copy of the individual’s Status card to the Miawpukek Band office before they arrive on the reserve,
  3. An appointed agent/driver from the company/dealership must accompany the purchaser to Miawpukek and take ownership of the item on Reserve Land,
  4. The appointed agent/driver and the purchaser as well as a member of Miawpukek First Nation must sign a Confirmation of Delivery to Reserve letter,
  5. The purchaser is charged a one hundred dollar ($100) fee by the Miawpukek First Nation Band to cover administrative and after hour deliveries,
  6. The company/dealership is given the original confirmation letter for their files, a photocopy is given to the customer and Miawpukek Band keeps a copy to be scanned to Revenue Canada.
  7. There is a vehicle delivery site located at the beginning of the Miawpukek Reserve where Vendors can take the picture of the delivered vehicle as additional evidence of delivery for CRA. The site has several signs noting the Miawpukek First Nation and has ample space for larger vehicles.

Please be advised that some auto dealers and private sellers may be prepared to allow you to pick up your vehicle off-Reserve. By doing this the seller runs the risk of having the Canada Revenue Agency determine that the purchase was not entitled to be tax exempt. Canada Revenue Agency will assess the seller for the taxes and the seller can demand payment of taxes from the buyer.

Miawpukek First Nation vehicle delivery program cannot provide a letter confirming delivery to the Reserve if the delivery did not take place.

For private sales and out of province dealers, Motor Vehicle Registration will require a confirmation of delivery to Reserve letter to apply for the tax exemption when you register the vehicle.

To set up a delivery appointment or for more information please contact:

Miawpukek First Nation Band Office at 709-882-2470 and tell the receptionist you are looking for Vehicle Delivery Information.

Or you can call:
Mary Stride at 709-538-8288 or 
Irene Joe at 709-538-6398 or 

Fax: 709-882-2292 or if you have trouble 709-882-2894

You can also reach the Band Lawyer, Shayne McDonald at 709-882-2470.

The office will not be closed unless there is a power outage.