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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic

Vaccination Updates

COVID-19 vaccine pre-registration is now available for Band Members living Off-Reserve.

You can pre-register at https://covidvaccine.nlchi.nl.ca/.

(Go to pre-registration, then to the Indigenous group category and it will take you to the registration form. Please complete in full).

Please have your MCP and Band number ready to complete the short registration form.

For those who do not have access to a computer or the internet, you can call toll free @ 1-833-668-3930 to pre-register.

To ensure everyone in this priority group have ability to book an appointment, NLCHI will begin pulling the lists and contacting pre-registered clients to book appointments starting today (March 24).

Thank you,

Ada Roberts
Director, CRHSS

On March 3, 2021, Miawpukek First Nation held its second COVID-19 vaccination clinic at the new school gym, and we are pleased to report to date, we have vaccinated 559 community members/essential workers. (Note: this total includes the 140 vaccinated at the first clinic).

We sincerely appreciate and thank Central Health for collaborating with us on this important project. The assistance of your staff members – Sandra Dominie, Denene Miller, Abraham Collier, Jodie Keeping, Angela Cox, Janie Kean, Melissa Oake, and Kelsey Foster, contributed to today’s overall successful clinic. We appreciated your guidance and support.

An excellent job was done by our professional Conne River Health & Social Services staff. Your contribution to planning, organizing, and implementing our vaccination clinics is at the core of our success. We applaud your work today! (Holly Drew, Maggie Organ, Elaine Jeddore, Victoria John, Miranda Snook, Lisa Drew, Jenelle Willcott, Tracy Collier, Rhonda Benoit, Gerarda Wiseman, Howard Jeddore, Dan McDonald, Melissa Organ, Joe Stride).

We appreciate the assistance of Bob Benoit, Calvin John and Neil Jeddore with directing traffic and being available for anyone who required assistance following their vaccination.

I must mention how much we appreciated the assistance of Johnny Quann and Jeffery Drew for monitoring patients; Vincent John for ensuring the facility was properly sanitized; Alonzo Benoit and Trey Hill for IT support and Melissa Organ for meal arrangements.

Working collaboratively with our community is always an amazing experience. Words cannot express how much your cooperation contributed to the success of today’s clinic. Thank you.

We are grateful to the Director of Education Rod Jeddore, for offering the school gym to host our 2nd vaccination clinic.

Great teamwork and collaboration make a great community.

Ada Roberts
Director of CHRSS


We have received inquiries from both on and off-Reserve Band members about our next COVID-19 vaccination clinic, specifically who will be vaccinated and how many?

This notice informs you that neither CRHSS nor Band Administration is involved with any vaccination priority decisions.

Central Health is responsible for making all decisions around vaccination clinics and provides information to MFN. We are informed of what they require before the vaccination clinic is implemented. Central Health determines who gets vaccinated and book the appointments.

Miawpukek First Nation is not responsible for vaccinating all #047 members. We are responsible for vaccinating residents of our community.

The role of CRHSS is to provide support to Central Health in coordinating the vaccination clinics. Regular updates are provided regarding COVID-19 clinics as information is received from Central Health.

I ask for your patience as we continue to maneuver through this very difficult time. Please remember patience is not the ability to wait but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.

Although some have received a vaccination, we remind you to remain within your bubble, practice proper handwashing, social distancing and continue to wear your mask. Stay safe, and let us all do our part to protect each other and our community!

Chief Misel Joe


I would like to thank the CRHSS staff that participated in our first COVID-19 vaccine roll-out held Saturday, February 20/21. Everyone worked diligently and patiently to ensure success despite working with new technology and its many challenges, but we did it! We vaccinated 140 community members, 60+ and front-line workers.

A very heartfelt thank you to Central Health for not only helping us coordinate the vaccination clinic but ensuring it was a success. Jennifer Langdon, you were a great leader today along with Sandra Dominie and Jackie Kelly. I must also mention how much we appreciated the Electronic Medical Record support from Elaine Peddle via telephone. I think we had her on the line for most of the day. We could not have done this without your assistance and patience. Thanks, Central Health!

And finally, thank you to our community members who participated in the vaccine clinic. I know some of you had to wait outside on one of the coldest days we have had; therefore, we must mention how much we appreciated your patience and understanding.

We will keep everyone informed as we receive details about our next clinic.

Ada Roberts – Dir. CRHSS

This notice is to clarify misinformation surrounding the COVID-19 vaccination clinic scheduled for Saturday, February 20/21 at the Youth Centre.

Central Health staff will be calling you with your appointment. (Please do not call the clinic to book an appointment).

We are working collaboratively with Central Health to ensure the vaccination clinic is implemented in an organized manner.

Your cooperation is appreciated.

Ada Roberts
Director of Conne River Health & Social Services

Vaccination Clinics

This notice reminds community members not to call to change their appointment. Conne River Health & Social Services staff are working diligently to ensure MFN’s upcoming mass vaccination clinic appointments are booked. If you have not received an appointment, please call 882-2710, and the front desk

Receptionist (Tracy Collier) will book an appointment for you. We appreciate some appointment times may not be convenient as you may have alternative plans; however, we want the public to know we combined three vaccination clinics for members 16 years and over in one mass vaccination clinic. Because of the varying dates of our previous vaccination clinics, we sought approval from the Department of Public Health to ensure we are provided our 2nd vaccination sooner rather than later.

If you decide not to have your vaccination on Saturday, June 12, it is your responsibility to book an appointment online as other vaccination clinics are being held within our region. You will be provided the community’s name to get your vaccination as it is uncertain if MFN will be conducting any more clinics other than the school children.

If you go beyond your 16 weeks, you may need to start the vaccination series over again.

Also, please note, one vaccination does not provide you with the maximum protection as two vaccinations. You could be at increased risk for being infected with the COVID-19 virus with only one vaccination.

We encourage all community members to do whatever it takes to become immunized so we can decrease our risk of COVID-19, and hopefully, we will soon return to life as it was before the pandemic.

Thank you for your ongoing cooperation.

Ada John, Director CRHSS

This notice reminds community members to call and book their COVID-19 appointment for Wednesday, March 3/21 at the new school gym. (Have your MCP available).

Phone number to call to book your appointment – 709 – 651-1846

Sunday – Feb 28/21
You can call between 8:30 am to 8:30 pm.

Monday – March 1/21
You can call between 8:30 am to 8:30 pm.

Tuesday – March 2/21
You can call between 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Ada Roberts
Director of CRHSS

Where: New School Gym
When: Wednesday, March 3, 2021
Time: 9:00 am – 7:00 pm
Call: 1-709-651-1846 (have your MCP available when you call)

The COVID-19 vaccination will be available to all community members 18 years
of age and over; however, to ensure an organized roll-out, we will begin booking
appointments for those 40 years of age and older.

Saturday, February 27thcommunity members 40 years old and older can call
the number listed above to book their appointment for March 3rd. (please do not call before 10:00 am as no one will be available to take your call).

Sunday, February 28th, and Monday, March 1st, all other age groups may call to book an appointment. (the line will remain open from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm).

Tuesday, March 2nd, all other age groups may call the number above to book an appointment. (the line will remain open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm).

We ask that you remain patient when calling as there may be a delay in answering due to the number of calls being received. If you are unable to wait, please remember to call back later to book your appointment.

Please remember to arrive on time for your appointment. DO NOT SHOW UP EARLY, as we need to adhere to social distancing rules for your safety and the safety of others. Your cooperation will avoid traffic congestion and contribute to another successful vaccination clinic.

Again, we must thank you for your continued patience & cooperation as we aim to meet our goal of vaccinating all those who are eligible and want to receive their vaccination.

Ada Roberts – Director of Health & Social Services

Vaccine Information

We understand some inaccurate information has been circulating to certain communities about the vaccine that includes false and distorted information about potential side effects.  The spread of misinformation can have real consequences and can distort people’s behaviours and decision-making.

It is important that everyone obtain information from trusted sources. That includes federal, provincial and territorial health authorities, community health centres, nursing stations or local healthcare providers. We also encourage people to consider the source of information before spreading or sharing articles or facts.

Vaccination is a choice.  Vaccines used in Canada must be approved by Health Canada and the COVID-19 vaccine is held to the same safety standards as other vaccines to make sure it is safe and effective.

To learn more about COVID-19 vaccines visit https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/2019-novel-coronavirus-infection/prevention-risks/covid-19-vaccine-treatment.html

For information on COVID-19 Fraud and Scams visit https://www.canada.ca/en/public-safety-canada/campaigns/covid19.html#b00

Ada Roberts
Director – CRHSS

Public Service Announcement

March 1/21

This notice informs you that as per Chief & Council decision, MFN staff will be returning to work (in the office) on Monday, March 8/21.

Staff will adhere to preventative measures while working in the office by wearing a mask, meetings will be completed via zoom or if in-person meetings are required, the minimum number of participants, as per MOH will be permitted while social distancing is maintained.

Thank you.

February 15/21

Please be advised as per the Chief & Council decision, beginning Tuesday, February 16, 2021, Miawpukek First Nation staff will be working from home for the next two weeks or until the province reduces the Alert Level. Essential services will continue.

Alert Level 5 has broad sweeping public health measures to protect the population; therefore, MFN is developing a community plan and implementing procedures that ensure public/staff safety while maintaining essential services. 

A plan is being developed to address the need for community members to continue making regular payments such as rent and other receivablesreceive medical transportation payments, etc.  

Please continue to monitor MFN’s Facebook page as additional information will be communicated as it becomes available

Chief & Council 
Miawpukek First Nation

In light of recent COVID-19 developments in St. John’s (metro & vicinity), and the announcement that the province is now at Alert Level 5, we are providing information on the Alert Level system from 1 to 5.

The COVID-19 Alert Level System provides Newfoundlanders and Labradorians with an overview of the steps that will be taken as we maneuver through the Pandemic. Alert Levels will change gradually with continued monitoring of COVID-19.

Miawpukek First Nation Emergency Operating Centre is meeting tomorrow – February 13th to review the response plan for our community.

Thank you.

Newfoundland and Labrador COVID-19 Alert Level System PDF

Alert Level – 5

Alert Level – 4

Alert Level – 3

Alert Level – 2

Alert Level – 1

Emergency Operations Centre

Emergency Operations Centre (EOC)

Supporting community residents remains a top priority for the MFN Government/ Chief & Council during this Coronavirus Pandemic event. Given the ongoing requirement to provide essential services including health care, up-to-date communications, public works, food, fuel etc. we activated an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) on March 15, 2020 to effectively and efficiently manage all aspects of this Public Health Emergency event.

Emergency Operations Centre Overview (Information taken from our Community All-Hazards Disaster Plan).

During an emergency/disaster event (such as that of the current Coronavirus Pandemic) the MFN Government will activate an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) in a physical or virtual location which will coordinate information and resources required to support the management of the event. The EOC will utilize a developed standardized Incident Command System (ICS) structure which will support its preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery efforts for departmental and community situations.

The ICS structure will support an effective response to community needs, continuation of critical services, and a rapid recovery of other vital services which may be disrupted by an emergency or disaster event. The ICS structure promotes common terminology, planning and response structures, interoperability within Government departments and multi-agency/community partners.

In an activated EOC the General Manager shall act as the Incident Commander and will report to Chief and Council, as required. EOC will implement all recommendations put forth via the province’s Emergency Services protocols.  If EOC wants to put in place more enhanced protocols above what Provincial Emergency Services are recommending, these requests are put forward to Chief and Council for review and approval.

The primary location of the EOC is the Great Hall, with the new school being an alternate location.

Incident Command System (ICS) Overview and Structure

The ICS is built around the five major functions/sections of command and includes Command, Logistics, Safety, Planning, Finance/Administration and Operations (Health/Social Services & General Operations – Public Works/Fire/Police).    

The ICS structure is very specific with regards to assigned roles and responsibilities.  Given the number of programs and services within the MFN Government the expectations for program directors and their employees assigned to positions to deliver essential programs and services during a disaster or emergency event is critical.

Individuals who are assigned positions in the Incident Command System have received education and training on their roles and responsibilities. Chief and Council have also been provided education on the EOC and the Incident Command System. An EOC has been activated in the past to manage other emergency events that have impacted the community including Hurricane Matthew and a fire in the local landfill.

Conne River Health and Social Services

Tracey Collier – Receptionist
Cell: 538-8993

Natasha Lambert – Child Protection Social Worker
Natashia Kendall: 538-3175

Faith Tibbo: 885-3053
CSSD Clerical: 535-2852
After hours On Call social worker: 1-833-552-2368

Rocky John – Jordans Principal Coordinator
Cell: 538-6423

Melissa Drake – Administration, Co-Manager ESP
Cell: 293-1955

Vivian House
Cell: 486-5343

Maggie Organ- LPN
Cell: 538 6072

Cynthia Benoit – Case Management Social Work
Cell: 709-538-6336

Lorraine John – Office Manager
Cell: 538-7875

Dennis Benoit – Nurse Practitioner
Cell: 538-6350

Ada Roberts – Director of CRHSS
Cell: 538-8231

Amy Boland – Finance Manager
Cell: 538-6771

Cindy Drew – Payroll Clerk
Cell: 538-7402

Danny McDonald
Cell: 538-7684

Elaine Jeddore, LPN
Cell: 538-6020

Holly Benoit – LPN

Howard Jeddore – Program Manager, Addictions Councilor
Cell: 5387015

Alissa Cornish – Ambulance
Cell: 571-3619

Linda Joe – Finance Manager, ESP Supervisor

Notoria Hinks – Social Worker
Cell: 709 538 7602

Meranda Snook- Ambulance
Cell: 690-1160

Lisa Drew – NIHB Clerk
Cell: 709 572 8813

Samira Hoskins – NIHB Clerk
Cell: 572-3237
E-Mail: samirahoskins @crhss.com

Jackie John- Youth Center/Daycare Coordinator
Cell: 7095387807

Rhonda Benoit – Clinic Receptionist
Cell: 538-7874

Charmaine Benoit – Wellness Center Receptionist
Cell: 538-6536

Phyllis John – Jordans Principal Coordinator Rotational
Cell : 902-225-4109

Melita Howse – FAO – Finance Support
My cell 538-6039
My email address: 

Dan S. Benoit – Maintenance
Cell: 538-6805
E-Mail: None on file

Jodi Stride, Jordan’s Principal Coordinator (Rotational)
Cell: 746-6051

Gerarda Hinks, Receptionist
No cell

Glenda Drew, Nutrition Worker
Cell: 538-6224

Eileen McDonald – Nutrition Worker
Cell: 538-8121

Victoria Benoit, Youth Worker
Cell: 538-7987

Victoria John, Nurse Practitioner
Cell: 538-8036

Kim John, Dental Therapist
Cell: 538-7625

Paula Lambert, Youth Worker
Cell: 538-8484

Sandy Stride, Youth Worker
Cell: 538-6380

Phoebe Jeddore
No cell

Carmelita Drew, Youth Worker
Cell: 538-7037

Pauline Benoit, Daycare Worker
Cell: 538-7424

Veronica McDonald, Daycare Worker
Cell: 538-7639

Catlin Drew – Youth Worker
Cell: 538-5069

Trevor Wiseman, Cleaning
No Cell

Jennifer Fowler – Cleaning
No Cell

Chief and Council

Misel Joe – Chief 
882-2173 (Home)
538-6977 (cell – Personal) 

Harvey Drew – Vice Chief
882-3481 (Home) 
538-7703 (Cell)

Frank Benoit 
882-3292 (home) 
538-8300 (cell)

Brad Benoit  
538-6231 (Cell) 

Ada Roberts 
538-8231 (Cell)

Shayne McDonald 
538-6617 (Cell) 
882-2470 (Work) 

Greg Jeddore
538-8153 (Cell) 
882-3001 (Work) 

Government of Newfoundland and Labrador

To see news releases from the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador please visit their site at https://www.gov.nl.ca/releases/

Indigenous Services Canada

Employment and Social Development Canada (Service Canada)

Canadian Red Cross