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“To provide education, training programs and services for the Miawpukek First Nation members that enhance their quality of life by increasing employability in the First Nation and broader labour markets. This will be provided in a professional, fiscally responsible and culturally sensitive manner.”

The Training and Economic Development Department has four divisions


TEDD’s Administration division is responsible for the capacity of the entire department, ensuring all divisions have policies and procedures in place and having one umbrella office that will house all administration staff. Strategies – To create a working team that will encompass all of our departments’ individual program mandates and review/create policies and procedures for how we operate.

Post-Secondary Student Support Program

The Training and Economic Development Department (TEDD) provides access to skills training and employment assistance through the Post-Secondary Student Support Program (PSSSP) and the Indigenous Skills and Employment Training Program (ISETP).

The purpose of the PSSSP is to provide guidance and funding assistance to MFN members in their efforts to gain access to post-secondary education to meet long term career goals in an ever-changing labour market.

The PSSSP provides financial assistance (within specific limits) to eligible students so that they may attend post-secondary institutions that offer certificate, diploma or degree programs. It is not intended to cover all expenses associated with Post-Secondary Education. Ineligible expenses will be at the cost of the student. Students must also be aware that not everyone who applies will be approved for funding. But we encourage all clients to continue to apply during their education journey.  

Application Timelines:      

Fall Semester – March 16 – July 4
Winter Semester – July 18 – November 7
Spring/Intersession/Summer – November 21 – February 27

All applications must be received by the deadline date indicated above.

Late NEW applicants will NOT be considered for funding in that semester, but we encourage clients to reapply for next semester.
Late CURRENTLY FUNDED/RE-ENROLLMENT applicants may receive a hold on their funds if no form of contact has been made by the client to the program administrator.


Please ensure you download, print, completely fill out and submit the proper application for your funding situation.

For more information regarding post-secondary funding please contact us at 709-882-1272 or by email at .


TEDD’s business division includes businesses such as Miawpukek Service Centre (Gas Bar, Liquor Express, Cannabis Boutique, Garage), and Conne River Building Supplies.

Career Counselling

Career counselling is a learning-working relationship that takes place in a one-on-one setting. The goal is to learn about, and actively engage in, the necessary steps of the career planning process.

Career planning helps put your goals and what it takes to reach them in perspective. It is a learning process that helps you choose jobs that fit with who you are. Problems must be solved and decisions must be made in order to produce an understanding of one’s talents and weaknesses, aspirations, and limitations, in relation to the realities of different work environments.

We offer this as either a walk-in, appointment, or over-the-phone service depending on the clients/potential clients’ specific situation.