50 Miawpukek Drive, Conne River, NL A0H 1J0

Investment Strategy

Investing in Aboriginal people is an investment in the future and the preservation and promotion of partnerships within local; national; and international boundaries.

The purpose of the Miawpukek First Nations Investment portfolio is to develop an investment strategy for the Miawpukek First Nation and to foster partnerships between Miawpukek First Nation and non-Aboriginal Private, Governmental, and Corporate sectors of Local, Provincial, National, and International levels.

In 1987, Miawpukek recognized the need for a strong economic development approach to employment and thus created the Economic Development department with one development officer.

The Miawpukek Band Government continues to recognize the need for a strong economic development department and to have a proactive approach to the development of Conne River. This is a time of change and a new approach to community economic development for the betterment of Conne River and to be at the forefront with a holistic approach to community economic prosperity. The role of the economic development department is to enhance the economic, cultural, social, and spiritual aspects of the people of Conne River.

Over the past years, the department has been involved in numerous ventures employing band members and bringing a positive cash flow to the Miawpukek Band Government. The goal of the economic development ventures is to operate as a commercial business providing a social and financial return to the Miawpukek Band Government while employing band members. 

For the last fiscal year, these ventures generated $4.75 million in sales revenue and created a network of services for the members of Conne River.

The goal of the Investment Strategy is to create opportunities, employment, partnerships, economic prosperity, and self-efficient Miawpukek First Nation.

The benefits to the community of Conne River and its people can, and will, have a positive impact on both the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal world, in creating partnerships and employment for both Conne River and the entire region of Newfoundland.

Written by Gerard Joe, Director of Economic Development
Published February 23, 2006