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Emergency Operation Centre (EOC)

Emergency Operations Centre (EOC)

Supporting community residents remains a top priority for the MFN Government/ Chief & Council during this Coronavirus Pandemic event. Given the ongoing requirement to provide essential services including health care, up-to-date communications, public works, food, fuel etc. we activated an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) on March 15, 2020 to effectively and efficiently manage all aspects of this Public Health Emergency event.

Emergency Operations Centre Overview (Information taken from our Community All-Hazards Disaster Plan).

During an emergency/disaster event (such as that of the current Coronavirus Pandemic) the MFN Government will activate an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) in a physical or virtual location which will coordinate information and resources required to support the management of the event. The EOC will utilize a developed standardized Incident Command System (ICS) structure which will support its preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery efforts for departmental and community situations.

The ICS structure will support an effective response to community needs, continuation of critical services, and a rapid recovery of other vital services which may be disrupted by an emergency or disaster event. The ICS structure promotes common terminology, planning and response structures, interoperability within Government departments and multi-agency/community partners.

In an activated EOC the General Manager shall act as the Incident Commander and will report to Chief and Council, as required. EOC will implement all recommendations put forth via the province’s Emergency Services protocols.  If EOC wants to put in place more enhanced protocols above what Provincial Emergency Services are recommending, these requests are put forward to Chief and Council for review and approval.

The primary location of the EOC is the Great Hall, with the new school being an alternate location.

Incident Command System (ICS) Overview and Structure

The ICS is built around the five major functions/sections of command and includes Command, Logistics, Safety, Planning, Finance/Administration and Operations (Health/Social Services & General Operations - Public Works/Fire/Police).    

The ICS structure is very specific with regards to assigned roles and responsibilities.  Given the number of programs and services within the MFN Government the expectations for program directors and their employees assigned to positions to deliver essential programs and services during a disaster or emergency event is critical.

Individuals who are assigned positions in the Incident Command System have received education and training on their roles and responsibilities. Chief and Council have also been provided education on the EOC and the Incident Command System. An EOC has been activated in the past to manage other emergency events that have impacted the community including Hurricane Matthew and a fire in the local landfill.

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