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Council Member Job Duties

Miawpukek First Nation Council Member Job Duties

Position:   Elected Councilor of the Miawpukek First Nation

1. General Duties: Councilors of the Miawpukek First Nation, after being elected and sworn in by the Traditional Saqamaw of Newfoundland and the community, as a collective, are responsible for the program planning, budgeting, implementation, financial controls, and service delivery monitoring and enhancement within the specific area(s) of the portfolios.

  • Councilors assume all of the duties and obligations of the position of Councillor as defined under the Indian Act, Canada, and MFN Election Act 1989 and MFN by-law 1-87;
  • Individual councilors assume the duties and obligations of the portfolio assigned to the Councillor by the Saqamaw and Council, being any of the following:
Health and Safety, Social  Development

CRHSS, Wellness, Nutrition, Elders, Youth, Recreation and Fitness


St. Anne’s School, Post Secondary (ON & OFF), MHR, Training, and Capacity Development, Mikmaq Cultural Studies

Natural Resources

Fisheries, Forestry, Wildlife, Environment, Guiding and Trapping, Conservation of land, water, animals, air, and minerals.

Economic Development

Band Business, Commercial Fishery, Tourism, and Private Businesses on reserve.


Policing and Courts, Commissions, Committees, Land Claims, all Laws and Regulations, Reserve Expansion, Implementation of Justice Department.

Customs and Traditions

Mikmaq Studies, Language, Powwow, Drummers and Dancers, Youth, Elders, Traditional Laws, Land Base, Religion/Spirituality, Traditional Marriages.


Self-Government, Administration, Accountability, Challengers, Negotiations, Lobbying, Indian Act and First Nation Governance Act. Off-Reserve Membership, Election Act, Grand Council, Band Membership general concerns, Public Relations.


Whole Band Organization Finances, Five Year Financial Plan, Quarterly Reporting, Internal and External Audits, Budgets, and Funding Agreements.

Public Works and Capital

Housing, infrastructure, Capital Projects, Maintenance of assets, public safety, Five year Capital Plan 

2. Specific Duties:  In addition to the above general duties, a Councillor assumes the following specific duties:

As to the Duties as a Councillor 

a. Participates with Council as a collective, to carry out the following responsibilities:

  • Compliance with all of the laws, codes, and policies of the Miawpukek First Nation;
  • Implementation of best financial management procedures and practices, and accountability requirements and accountability tools;
  • Oversees the administration of  programs according to program requirements and budgets;
  • Take corrective action to avoid deficits;
  • Maintain and respect the separation of the political from the administrative aspects of the Miawpukek First Nation to the extent possible;
  •  Follow the provisions contained in the Policies and Procedures Manual;
  •  Adhere to a Code of Ethics;
  • Takes all reasonable action for and in the best interests of the Miawpukek First Nation with the objective of “good and lawful government”.

b. Follows the laws, policies, and procedures established by the Miawpukek First Nation as may exist from time to time;

c. Carries out any reasonable instructions of the Saqamaw and council relating to the business of the Miawpukek First Nation;

d. Complies with the Code of Ethics contained in Policies and Procedures manual;

e. Adheres to the Codes of Conduct as contained in the Policies and Procedures Manual.

f. Is a positive role model for the Miawpukek First Nation Community;

g. To preserve, protect and follow the culture and traditions of the Miawpukek Mi’kmaq;

h. Encourages and fosters a team spirit within the Miawpukek First Nation office and operations generally;

As to Duties as a Portfolio Holder

i. Works cooperatively with the Directors and Managers associated with the Portfolio held by the Councillor to oversee the duties of the Portfolio on a macro level with the General Manager; with the view of informing Saqamaw and Council and the community as to the performance, issues, and status of the relevant department; and to act as the department liaison in the terms of bringing appropriate matters to Saqamaw and Council for consideration.

j. Reports to Saqamaw and Council quarterly on the activities of the Portfolio. This report is to be in the form of a written briefing report. It is a report of what work the Councilor has done with his or her portfolio and is not meant to be a replication of the Director’s and General Managers administrative report. However, administration goals and results could be included in this report.

k. Utilizes the Directors, Managers and with the General Manager in the development of programs and policies and procedures associated with such portfolio, with final approval by Council for significant policy and procedure changes;

l. Utilizes the Directors, Managers and with the General Manager to develop the terms of contracts or tenders to be awarded under the program associated with such portfolio with such contracts approved by motion of Council and signed by the Saqamaw;

m. Monitors along with the Directors, Managers, Director of Finance, and the General Manager, the existing programs and services for efficiencies, effectiveness, budget adherence, and overall compliance with the funding agreement; the Portfolio holder shall make recommendations with respect to the above and any directions shall be first approved by Saqamaw and Council as a collective.

n. Proposes revisions to existing programs or develops new programs to meet the needs of the membership within or outside of the Miawpukek First Nation, final approval by Saqamaw and Council;

o. Official political representative for the Miawpukek First Nation in the specific portfolio area for community purposes unless the Saqamaw and Council advises otherwise;

p. Acts as the liaison, with General Manager between Council and the Director/Managers.

q. Does not step into the work of another portfolio holder but will re-direct inquires and questions to the appropriate portfolio holder.